Apoleius National Short Story Competition

مسابقات وجوائز

Using your knowledge and creativity, write a short story following these guidlines:- Your story must clearly contain a good plot and an effective dialogue.- Your conclusion should provide some sort ofresolution.- Your story must be free of any grammatical or spelling errors.- The story must be submitted befre 30/ 09/ 2020.-The stories should be submitted in a comment in this post.SOME INSTRUCTIONS📝:In crafting your story, keep the following in mind:• Choose a theme/conflict as the basis for your story.• Bring your characters to life, through describing their appearance, actions, thoughts and words.• Consider word choice and sentence structure carefully.JURY MEMBERS :Your work will be evaluated by:- Assia RHAHLIA- Karima ABDEDAIM- Soumia DOUIFI- Fouzia SADIKAPRIZES🎀:- The first winner receives three novels from Ayouch Publishing House.- The second winner receives two novels from Ayouch Publishing House.- The third winner receives one novel from Ayouch Publishing House.📚The winning stories will be published in a short stories collection.Good Luck for everyone❤️.

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